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Schools Engagement

Reaching Out to Schools and Community Groups

Motivating and encouraging businesses to approach schools and communities

Sector skills shortages are a big concern of BIFA members; therefore, we are committed to helping support you attract the next generation to the freight forwarding and logistics sectors.

We want to help our members build strong partnerships with schools and community groups, so our sector has the skills and knowledge for the challenges that lie ahead.

It is vital to build capacity and start equipping a new generation with the knowledge and skills to face the challenges ahead in the post EU Exit and post Covid-19 world.

Now, more than ever, we need to promote the industry and give young people employment opportunities.

Whether you are an SME or a global provider, in the guidebook below you can find an array of ideas and tips to give you confidence to build a long-lasting relationship with your local school, college or event a community group.

At the same time, you will be promoting your business, the industry and hopefully, make recruitment of young people a lot easier.

Are you looking for an apprenticeship?

One of the big attractions of choosing a career in Freight Forwarding is the different pathways that your career could take you. Here you can read a range of case studies from established BIFA Members supporting this. You can also see top tips from existing apprentices as to why you should consider it.

Industry Insights from apprentices

My apprenticeship has given me a solid understanding of the world of shipping and I really feel like I will work in this industry for life. I have gained a wide range of experience which will continue to grow throughout my career.


My apprenticeship has allowed me to find a career in an ever evolving industry that is in demand. It has also allowed me to gain practical experience whilst gaining a new qualification.


Industry Insights from employers

Apprentices bring a fresh perspective that isn’t bound by industry preconception, and that, applied with the right attitude, enables you to train and invest in an individual who fits to your business’s needs, culture and requirements.

Adam Williams, Commercial Director, Maltacourt